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Language: various
Format: 23  x 32
80 pages, color.
Price: € 25



Javier G. Pacheco, (Albacete / Spain). their training begins in the
Antonio López School of Art  and subsequently  at the School of Art
of Toledo.

His first professional steps begin in his hometown where
Together with a good friend he undertakes a project; the Illustration Studio
and Design «PUD Studio».

Javier has worked mainly as an illustrator, graphic designer
and creator of prints for various fashion brands. Make covers
for books, records and comics, all without leaving his label
personal.  His work has traveled throughout the Spanish geography and
international with individual and group exhibitions for fairs and
samples of recognized prestige.

Always marveling at cosmic phenomena, he is a great admirer of
Carl Sagan and a staunch science fiction reader. His work looks
inspired by science and fantasy, where the female figure, the
sensuality and eroticism, take on special prominence. Confess that
nature is your true teacher in the use of

color and shapes. He is a lover of cinema from the 80s and 90s, music,
the neons, and that retro air. Tireless dreamer, he defines himself as
a "oneironaut."

The technique he uses is a perfect symbiosis between tradition and
Vanguard. His works, to a large extent, begin with a base
traditional and finalizes them digitally.

He has made articles and tutorials for different magazines
specialized: Imagine FX and Photoshop Creative Magazine among others.
In the Mobile World Congress MWC of Barcelona has participated
working live as an exhibitor of the ArtRage program for Moba,
Qualcomm and Samsung, during various editions.

He currently resides in Barcelona. He has never stopped drawing, with the
unconditional and continuous support of his family, since, with his hand
left, being very small, he made his first stroke with a pencil


  • Author:  JAVIER G. PACHECO
    Language: various
    Format: 23  x 32
    80 pages, color.
    Price: € 25

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