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Title: The Supergroup - EXODUS
Drawing: Leonel Castellani
Script: Fernando Pérez navarro (EFEPÉ)
Spanish Language

Binding: Hardcover.
Format: 22 x 30, 48 pages, color.
PVP: € 17.50


Abandoned by Superlópez, the Supergroup has tried on several occasions to relive their heroics, with and without him,  and now we can enjoy it, in this volume, by the hand of the excellent Argentine cartoonist Leo Castellani, who gives great dynamism to the script of the irreducible Efepé.


Those of us who saw the characters being born on the pages of those magazines can only be grateful that they return and we hope that, once and for all, it will be to stay.


Because, as the comics taught us, sometimes things work out well.


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