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Hello! I am known by my internet name hqubes, but you may call me Qubes! I am a small digital artist from Singapore, the tiny island city-state, and drawing has been a long-time hobby of mine. Most of my works are personal and revolve around the sci-fi genre, in particular mechs, monsters and cute girls! Some of my works may be a little spicy, but where’s the fun when it isn’t?
My art journey began only recently, in 2020, and I hope I’ll a lot more going forward. I don’t have big dreams for my work – it’s mainly been just a strong personal hobby of mine which I use to relax. In spite of it, I do hope others may find some joy in the shapes and colours I put down. Each piece I make is very personal to me (even if they don’t seem like it) and each one represents a small part of my artistic journey for which I am very glad to be able to share with others.

If you’re a young budding artist reading this, and you’re not sure if your art will ever be ‘good enough’, rest assured it will be – it just takes time, practice, and a good dollop of patience. I used to have the same doubts myself, and to some extent I still do now. Trust me, it gets better as long as you keep at it.




    Title: 02 HQUBES (only adults)
    Author:  HQUBES
    Format: 15.5X21, RUSTIC.
    120 pages, color.

    RRP: €15.90

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