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Philip "Philtomato" Bawasanta is an artist based in Cebu City, Philippines. His work is inspired by artists such as Robert McGinnis, Fred Moore and Glen Keane and his style is constantly changing and evolving.

Art has always resonated with him from a very young age; doodling during classes was constant and cartoons and video games were an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He attended art school at the University of San Carlos majoring in advertising, but eventually pursued his passion, which was drawing, spending many hours practicing and perfecting a very expressive style inspired by the old masters.

Following his artistic career has always been difficult, especially if you are in a third world country. Even more so if you take care of everyone around you. In his life money has always been a challenge. So he spent a lot of time striving to learn and hone his drawing skills so he could get commissions and put food on the table for his family.

He believes that art is the voice of the soul and that everyone has something to say. That everyone has a story to tell and that is its beauty, that this goal must be pursued by everyone regardless of whether you are still an amateur or already a professional,  because a soul that speaks inspire others to do it too. Philip streams on “Twitch” where he draws, entertains and teaches drawing classes to help everyone find their own voice.



  • Author:philtomato
    Language: Various
    Format: 19.5 x 27.5 cardboard
    112 pages, colour.

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